Friday, April 08, 2005

Jewtopia Morning After

Beats the hell outta me why I thought it was at the Apollo on Lincoln. I got there 20 minutes in advance, but there was no sign on the marquee or anywhere indicating the show I wanted was there. The look on the face of the girl in the box office was priceless, though, when I asked her, "Where is Jewtopia?" I could tell she was trying to work out whether I was an anti-Semite for a moment (at which point I realized how my question sounded), and then -- without taking her eyes off me -- she evenly said, "I don't know. Guys? (to her fellow box office personnel) Where is Jewtopia?"

"Is it a show?"

"Yes, it's in previews," I replied.

"Where's it playing?"

I paused a moment, waiting for them to realize they'd come full circle to the original question, but they didn't get it, so I said, "I thought it was at the Apollo."

"It's not."

"Okay, back to my original question, do you know where it is playing, or," I added helpfully, "is there a way you can find out?"

So this fella opens up a pamphlet, skims it for a moment, then tells me it's at the Mercury Theatre. Fortunately, the Mercury isn't too terribly far away, so I go tearing out of there and race on over.

In a nutshell, my friend was great in the role, but the show itself is a niche production. It's one of those shows like Shear Madness, Tony and Tina's Wedding, or Vampire Lesbians of Sodom that will probably run forever because it serves a specific audience that self-perpetuates to a certain extent, but it's not what I would call "great theatre". Truthfully, the moments I laughed at most were character-driven moments the actors had brought to the table, but rarely did I find myself laughing at anything in the script.

But then, what do I know? I'm just a goy.

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