Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bad Hair Week

Voiceover audition today at a CD's (casting director's) office. I was the youngest guy in the waiting room, but still felt old. Partly it was because the spot was for a Drug That Treats An Embarrassing Condition That Generally Doesn't Afflict The Young And Fit, but it was partly also that I knew everyone in the room by name and knew how much grayer they'd gotten in the 8 or 9 years that I've been at this. (sigh...)

The feeling of premature age was no doubt accented by the fact that I tried to even out my salt-and-pepper earlier this week but left the color in too damn long and ended up looking like someone 10 years older who wants people to think he's 20 years younger. Today I shampooed with Dawn dishwashing detergent, just to lighten up the color as much as possible. (Great lather, by the way, but it leaves you with the itchiest scalp you've ever had.)

Aside from today's audition (which I'm sure was a wash), I've had stabs this week at Ice Cream Store Chain, Eastern Amusement Park, and at least one other I'm forgetting. Felt good about these, which were held in my agents' office, but half the fun was really just hanging around friends who (today excepted) are at the top of their game and, perhaps because of this, are just generally fun to be around. We have at least two SNL alums, a host of Second City alums, and a buttload of folks who, like me, went through the Chicago improv scene as performers in their own right. It's like, really difficult to go into that office and not find yourself laughing at some point.

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