Thursday, April 21, 2005

Funny How Things Work Sometimes

So I get a call from my agent yesterday, telling me I have a callback for the Regional Bank commercial and, simultaneously, placing me on "first refusal." Basically, the client is saying they tentatively want to book me before they even see the callback. I think that's the first time this has ever happened to me, and I'd be flattered if I wasn't actually pretty sure that all it really means is that the client is covering their bases -- there are probably multiple people under "first refusal" with me.

Regardless, I go into the callback today and get the lay of the land. Callbacks are usually an opportunity for the client to narrow down their casting choices, and for the director to see if they can work with the talent. Only the director was there and, all things considered, it went fairly well, but the thing that stuck out to me was the director asking me to comb my hair because, with my bad dye job, he and the client both thought it looked like it could be a toupee.

Kind of ironic that a mistake on my part that would normally limit my employability is possibly working to my favor in this case.

Then, immediately following that callback, I had an audition in the same office for an industrial. I read twice, the second read being better, but the shoot dates conflict with the shoot dates for the commercial spot. Normally, I'd think I was sitting pretty, thinking I'd probably be shooting SOMEthing soon, but Murphy's Law says that what'll probably happen is that neither gig will cast me. We'll see...

I also got a call today from a playwright/director who is looking to cast a replacement for a cast-member friend who isn't available to do a summer run of this guy's play. So I've got a cold reading audition for a paying theatre gig tomorrow.

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