Sunday, March 02, 2008


Got sick this week, but managed to strategically place it so it didn't affect my ability to earn an income. Okay, that's not true; I was just lucky.

Did my first on-camera commercial audition in a long while and felt good about it, which was like the scent of a former lover.

I recorded a radio spot for a dot-com. No idea what the usage will be.

I've basically washed my hands of union politics over the past two years for my own mental health; but I noticed with some smug satisfaction that, after succeeding in basically killing the Phase I agreement with AFTRA (after years of hard campaigning by that crabby segment of the membership whom I tactfully call The Stupid Idiots), SAG suddenly reversed itself by an 86%-13% vote. Welcome to pragmatism, my friends.

I saw on the news that Hillary Clinton ran a spot that some thought was reminiscent of Johnson's "Daisies" spot of long ago. I don't know if I'd go that far; I was more interested that, when they ran the spot during a news story, I recognized the voiceover as an old friend of mine. For those who wonder if actors used in political spots simply whore their talents out to whoever will pay scale, that certainly may be true in some cases, but in this particular instance I know that the guy has been a Clinton supporter (and maximum campaign contributor) for many years. I gotta love the consistency...