Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Been Awhile...

...since I updated this. The show I'm in has opened, although the producers chose to make Opening Week more of a set of previews than anything else. Press Night was this past Friday which, all things considered, was a good performance. Both of Saturday's performances went well, but I felt horribly off on Sunday — the first act in particular — which sucked because there were a couple of critics in the house, including the Tribune. That was also the performance that Cherokee saw, so I'm kicking myself.

Backstage drama to date: We had to cancel both Saturday performances the first week because one of the actors passed out backstage. They couldn't do it Sunday either, and we did the show with an understudy performing "on book". No idea what health problems led to this happening; the actor in question did all of last week's performances fine.

Then another actor — one I have to kiss onstage — came in with a head cold this past Saturday, so of course now I've got it. And wouldn't this turn out to be the week that not one, but TWO advertisers decided to audition for a new national spokesperson? "Buy Acme Brand, because (cough, hack, wheeze) it's better!"

I hate it when I give sub-par auditions, even if there's a good reason. I just couldn't turn it down, though... Murphy's Law of Auditions says that it's often when you're feeling your worst that you turn in your best work. Well, today Murphy can suck eggs.

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