Monday, March 28, 2005

Home Again

Spent the weekend Down South with Cherokee's folks, eating the best-tasting Heart Stupid food on the planet. Looooong drive home (10 hours) which started at 3:30am so I could make a 2:10pm voiceover audition which, honestly, at this moment, I can't remember what it was for.

I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow because I have an industrial for a Major Food Chain. For those who don't know, an "industrial" is any performance intended to be seen and heard only by a select group, and not via conventional broadcasting channels. The classic example is a training tape shown to new employees within a company, but it also covers that DVD that came with your new car showing you all its features, as well as the recorded voice on the telephone telling you to "input your personal identification number using the buttons on your phone" (which, incidentally, is the sort of job that earns Cherokee most of her acting income each year).

Anyway, this industrial tomorrow doesn't pay great, compared to a commercial or film job, and it's in the "wrong" union (more on that later), but at least it's something. Got to get to bed PDQ, though, after going over my script for the umpteenth time (lucky I had it in hand almost two weeks ago -- a luxury in this biz). Hope it goes well tomorrow...

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