Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Just discovered that StoryActor has been hurt in a serious car accident. It's times like this that writing about one's career seems so pointless, or at the very least secondary.

Matter of fact, I think that sums up pretty well the primary cause of attrition in the ranks of professional actors — folks discover there are more important things in life. Or, at least, Life's events can be more important than whatever motivated you to be in the Biz in the first place. Those whose sole goal, for instance, is to be "famous" (whatever that may mean to them) often find it hard to reconcile their pursuit of that goal in the face of starting a family. I mean, really — what actor can argue that the World needs their talent more than their daughter needs her responsible, caring, and financially supportive father?

Sigh... best of luck to Story. I hope they recover well and quickly.

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Story said...

Evan - thanks so much for the well wishes. Things are much better now - a long way from where I stood three months ago. Glad to see you're still at it (blogging about the acting), but I do notice you're not doing it often enough! So there - there's your encouragement for the week. How's that?